Roses & Shrubs at L G Hoffman Nurseries

What is a popular plant that easily brings elegance to your home? What flowers add a splash of color to your office? L G Hoffman Nurseries carries a wide variety of bright roses that everyone will love.


Whether you’re planning your landscape from scratch or improving your front lawn, roses are treated with simple methods and techniques. We make sure your roses are mature so they can grow wonderfully in your own soil. There are many factors when it comes to selecting the right rose for your garden. Our specialists can help you find one that is the best color and size for any climate condition. We will also show you have to take care of them during winter.

Rose shrubs are known to be difficult to maintain during the growing process. They need an ample amount of space to grow and some have delicate forms. Experienced arborists know how to treat them, including the pruning procedure. After we have perfected the rose shrubs, they will become great decorations to fill a large spot in your backyard.


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